National Security

The #1 job of the federal government is to keep Americans safe. As a combat veteran Special Forces Green Beret, I will seek every opportunity to lead in defense of our nation. I will ensure our national security policy, funding, tools, authorities, and leadership are worthy of those who serve in our defense. Leadership matters. I will never apologize for being an American.

Constitutional Rights

Will always vote to protect your fundamental, constitutional rights, like your 4th Amendment right against unwarranted searches. Absolutely oppossed to warrantless wiretaps and find it personally offensive to make our military, who defend our Constitution, the scapegoats to justify unconstitutional warrantless wiretaps. We must protect our God-given rights as specified in the Constitution.

Securing the Border

Securing our borders is vital for national strength and security. Biden’s open-border policy poses a threat, allowing illegal immigrants, drugs, and criminals to flood our streets. We must finish the border wall, increase border patrol resources, and reinstate effective Trump-era policies to deter illegal crossings.

Limited Government

Our government, as the Founders intended, should protect citizens and preserve their rights. In Washington, I’ll cut the bloated administrative state by reducing spending and eliminating taxes. I’ll prioritize accountability in existing programs instead of endorsing new ones, addressing issues rather than adding more spending and bureaucracy.


Joe Biden’s spendthrift agenda is damaging our economy with reckless allocations. I’ll champion fiscal responsibility in Washington, pushing for legislation that mandates a balanced budget before Congress gets paid. My focus is on revitalizing the job market, creating high-paying opportunities, and enhancing economic prospects for all Utahns.


I staunchly support the sanctity of life, asserting that it commences at conception and warrants safeguarding at all phases. As a committed federalist, I will advocate for the autonomy of states in regulating abortion. I am dedicated to preventing the use of taxpayer funds for abortions within our state, prioritizing the protection of our most vulnerable members—our children.


As a veteran myself, I will fight to hold our nation accountable and fulfill promises made to those who were willing to sacrifice all in its defense. I will draw on my own experiences in receiving inefficient or substandard care and cut the bureaucracy. Our veterans deserve our nation’s best.

2nd Amendment

Our Founders incorporated the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights to guarantee the right to fight back against tyranny. We the people are the ultimate check on the federal government. In Congress, I will fight against the liberal gun-grabbers whose agendas only remove guns from law-abiding citizens while criminals remain armed.


Parents should be heard and have a say in what their children learn at school. We must stop the mass indoctrination of students that is taking place in our public schools and restore power to parents. Critical race theory and woke initiatives are corrupting our kids and teaching them that our country is evil. I will fight against wasteful spending and instead support programs that allow students and families to decide which educational environment is best for them.

Joe Biden

Under Joe Biden’s leadership, the world is in turmoil. The U.S. is no longer seen as a deterrent, and adversaries exploit our wavering support for allies like Israel. The absence of U.S. leadership allows adversaries to form alliances, while Biden’s personal corruption undermines the legitimacy of the White House. As your representative, I’ll strive to restore law and order domestically and reinstate strong, unwavering U.S. leadership globally.

One Nation Under God

In the United States, belief in God is at a record low. We are in desperate need for a revival of faith and the conservative values that have made our country great. In Washington, I will fight for policies that protect our religious freedoms, promote strong families, and protect the sanctity of life. I will always be guided by my faith in God.


The federal government has allowed Nevada’s and California’s water crises to become Utah’s. In Congress, I will push back against the red tape, illegal actions, and overbearing regulations that the federal government has put on our access to our waterways. Washington, DC should not have unchecked power over our waters and lands. I will fight to send power back to the state and local governments in Utah. 


DC vs. Dixie: Spending & Border

My opponent voted against Mike Lee and with Joe Biden for $1.2 trillion in spending that didn’t secure the border.

DC vs. Dixie: FISA 702

My opponent became “D.C” in just 2 weeks. Imagine what she’ll become in 2 years!

DC vs. Dixie: Abortion

My opponent voted to subsidize abortions. Is she representing Utah or D.C.?