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Incumbent Celeste Maloy and Colby Jenkins are running in the Republican primary for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District

In Utah, state parties hold conventions to determine who will appear on the party’s primary ballot. At the Republican convention on April 27, 2024, Jenkins defeated Maloy 56.8% to 43.2%.

DNews: Sen. Rand Paul endorses Colby Jenkins in his run against Rep. Celeste Maloy

“The problem in Washington isn’t just Democrats,” Paul said in a statement. “Half of the Republicans in Congress vote for deficit spending, endless wars, and unconstitutional mandates. That’s why we need better Republicans, like Colby Jenkins.”

KSL: Sen. Rand Paul endorses Colby Jenkins in bid to unseat Utah Rep. Celeste Maloy

In addition to Lee and Paul, Jenkins has also been backed by Kash Patel, a former Trump administration official, and the House Freedom Fund, a political action committee linked to the House Freedom Caucus.

Stg News: Utah Rep. Celeste Maloy narrowly avoids defeat as challenger forces primary

Rep. Celeste Maloy, who is seeking her first full term in Congress, received 43.15% of the vote compared to 57.85% for challenger Colby Jenkins, a combat veteran.

DNews: Colby Jenkins, endorsed by Sen. Mike Lee, beats Rep. Celeste Maloy at Utah GOP convention. But both advance to primary

Incumbent Republican Rep. Celeste Maloy lost to her Sen. Mike Lee-endorsed challenger Colby Jenkins, 57%-43%, at the Utah GOP nominating convention on Saturday — just five months after being elected to replace her former boss, Rep. Chris Stewart, in a special nominating convention last November.

KUTV: Utah Senator Mike Lee Endorses Challenger in CD2 Race

Too many Republicans in Congress have voted to expand the size, scope, and cost of the federal government, often aligning with Congressional GOP leaders who promote the Democrats’ agenda. We need Colby Jenkins. 

Stg. News: St. George Army vet eyes challenge against newly elected Rep. Celeste Maloy for congressional seat

Jenkins has served as an Army Special Forces Green Beret commander who operated in various parts of the globe, including Afghanistan and South America. He has also been a consultant for members of Congress and the Pentagon on matters related to counter-terrorism.

He is a graduate of West Point, and his daughter Olivia was the first woman from St. George appointed to the military academy.