Celeste Maloy voted for warrantless wiretaps

In early March, the Washington County Republican Women hosted a forum for GOP candidates running in Congressional District 2 to discuss issues.

We had a robust discussion on wide range of topics and I encourage you to watch the whole video by clicking the link below.

One of the key issues we discussed where we have a clear disagreement was focused on recent votes related to the FISA 702 warrantless wiretap program.

Just a few months before, my opponent had voted to extend this unconstitutional practice. She justified this horrible vote by saying it was necessary in order to ensure the military get paid because this extension was attached to the annual National Defense Reauthorization Act (NDAA). As a former combat veteran, with over 25 years of military experience, I find this justification offensive. Frankly, I’m tired of Congress constantly justifying bad votes by using the men and women of the military as cover.

Her vote has not been well received by the voters of our district. So, as she was explaining her position, she stated that this issue is her top priority and she works on it every day. She said there are reforms that need to pass and that she was working to get them passed.

When she finished a member of the audience asked her: “if it doesn’t get changed, how are you going to vote?” She responded very clearly by stating “I’m not gonna extend it again”. 



Well guess what? Just a few weeks later a bill to extend the program was up in the US House. There was an amendment offered that would have made it so our government would have to have a warrant before spying on American citizens. To her credit, Rep. Maloy did vote for that amendment, which was the right thing to do, and the right vote to make. However, that amendment failed to pass.

So after that failed, what did she do? The exact thing she said she wouldn’t do – she voted for a two year extension of FISA 702, that did not include the warrant requirements necessary to prevent federal agents from spying on Americans. 

Her vote reauthorized this unconstitutional practice, the Warrantless Wiretapping of American citizens, to continue yet again. 

While you’re there, please look at the votes of other members of congress to see how they voted, we think you’ll find it very informative to see which members she aligns with.